Almost $1200 stolen from the couple’s home with 5 kids (Wife: Public School Admin/Husband: US Army Veteran) – Lowes Inc, MasterBrand Inc, On Time Services LLC. and Genesis Delivery LLC

Lowes Corporation

I purchased about $7000 worth of kitchen cabinets and installation services from LOWES INC. ( located at 3125 Glenn McConnell Pkwy, Charleston, SC 29414. These cabinets are made by MASTER BRAND INC. ( (a subsidiary of FORTUNE BRANDS INC) located at One MasterBrand Dr. P.O. Box 420 Jasper, IN 47547. They were delivered by ON TIME SERVICES located at 120 Queen Pkwy, West Columbia, SC 29169. Before the delivery, I was feeling ill and laid on my couch while waiting for the delivery truck. When I laid down, I first took my wallet out of my pocket (to be more comfortable laying down) and laid it in the oversized chair next to the couch and next to the front door. At the time, my wallet contained many various IDs and $1000 in cash ( I had withdrawn to make a cash purchase of a refrigerator, a $100 Lowes Gift Card, and a $50 PF Chang gift card my daughter gave me in order for me and my wife to go out for dinner. Upon hearing the box truck going down the road, I jumped up and ran out to the front to flag them down. I then proceed to help them bring the cabinets in. During the process, the delivery driver who stayed inside much of the time, while the younger man primarily unloaded the truck and prepositioned the cabinets near the front door, where they both would bring them through the door. The inside guy used the chair I had sat my wallet in, to hold his invoice, hand scanner and the phone he was taking pictures with (of the barcodes on the boxes as each was brought). I failed to remember or take notice that my wallet was still in the chair. Because of the heat in SC, and the fact that the guys were looking hot, I went to the garage to get bottle waters for the guys out of our garage fridge (as we had not purchased one for inside yet). When I came back, I noticed that the guy that was primarily inside, walking to his truck, got in for a couple of minutes and then got back out. It was during this time that I believe the driver was stashing the wallet in his truck. Immediately after the truck left, I decided to run to Lowes for a couple of items, and when I got my keys and went to get my wallet…. Oh crap…… I knew exactly what had happened. After filing a police report with the local law enforcement authorities, I contacted the delivery company, On-Time Services located at 120 Queen Pkwy, West Columbia, SC 29169, and through a couple of conversations with them, they indicated that they intentionally sub-contract their delivery out for liability purposes, they gave me the name and information of the subcontractor and the employees for the subcontractor that delivered the cabinets (Mr. Victor R. Caraballo of GENESIS DELIVERY EXPRESS LLC located at 363 Woodcote Dr. Gaston, SC. 29053, and his employees John Henry Freeman of Lexington SC and Deswon Lide of Columbia, SC. [I am withholding private addresses as I do not think that would be fair to the familes]). I contacted Mr. Carabello, who had his supervisor call me back and ask for a description of my wallet, and who subsequently said that one of the delivery guys who had been broke, suddenly was with money. The supervisor made the employee in question show his wallet which subsequently turned out to not be mine (which I thought was a stupid thing to do, as the honest person I am, I even know that you dump evidence (wallet/purse) after taking the cash and credit cards out). When I tried to contact Mr. Carabello and get his company information including bond insurance company and business address, Mr. Carabello then said he could not give me any information (including the name and address of his company) until he spoke with his lawyer. Mr. Carabello, in my opinion, is the cheap sleazy guy you hire, look the other way until there is an issue, and then say…. well, he is an independent contractor! Just speaking with the guy on the phone caused me to go take a shower. I would not hire him to take out my garbage. If you do consider hiring him and his company GENESIS DELIVERY LLC, beware! I contacted the Manager of the LOWES in question (Justin) who was pretty unhelpful except to pass me off to the MASTERBRAND representative that deals with the LOWES account (Ms. Amanda L Beville). The representative got me talking with her boss (forgot his name that admitted that the delivery company had had numerous complaints and that they were dropping the company as a delivery vendor. So they were aware that they had an unreputable agent representing them and had not taken steps to protect the customer. In general, LOWES INC (about 200 Billion Gross revenue for past 4 quarters), FORTUNE BRANDS INC (about 4 Billion revenue in 2015) INC, ON TIME SERVICES LLC, and GENESIS DELIVERY EXPRESS LLC were absolutely no help to resolving this issue. LOWES nor FORTUNE BRANDS would do anything to resolve the fact that their delivery vendor (their customer-facing agent) used to access to my home to steal from my wife a Public School Administrator and me, a father of five, a husband, a US Army Veteran, an SC Army National Guard Veteran, a middle-class guy trying to remodel a home for my family to live in. All each one of these companies did is put me through the endless run around of Corporate departments, Corporate process, Corporate rhetoric, to avoid making me whole for an injustice which was perpetrated upon me. Over $7000 of goods and services purchased on this one transaction, just short of $1200 stolen and LOWES INC didn’t even offer me a coupon. Hey LOWES, you know what you can do with your flag-waving Veterans Day and Memorial Day Sales! Will I recover from this theft? Yes, I will survive. I just want to say shame on these companies for not treating people correctly. It is my only hope that the delivery person that stole my wallet was truly in need, and if so that our Heavenly Father forgives them. I like to believe that the thief had a family they were trying to take care of, as I am trying to take care of my family.

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