Audible.Com – Always Great Customer Service?


I have an Audible.Com account, and I have had to call on three occasions to correct issues with my account (all my fault).

1). I signed up for account, and then realized I had an account from way back, (an intro offer type offer which I never used) . I called Audible and explained the issue, they immediately closed the old account with my one credit, and placed it on my new account.

2). I bought the wrong book, (not the newest edition), by mistake. No Problem the CSR had a Credit back in my account in less than 1 minute after I told my story. Not only did they not hassle me, but they also apologized for MY mistake.

3). I had an issue with a book skipping on my Android Phone. I called and immediately got to a Tech Support person. The Tech Support was totally nice, gave me some good tips, and then called me back a couple hours later just to see if I was having a good experience.

This is the kind of Company, which I do not mind giving my hard-earned money. Currently, they seem to know customer service. I do not know what will happen with Audible.Com, and their parent company Amazon.Com over the next 30 years, but I know I will continue to give each of my money anytime they are an option, (for what I am looking for). If their products become noncompetitive, or their Customer Service becomes crap like most companies, I will leave. Until then, keep taking my money Audible.Com, I am enjoying the content!

Author: siteadmin