Precision Garage Door was able to fix garage doors for much less than their original $2700 quote, the company still did not follow through 100%

Precision Overhead Garage Door Service

Company Info:

Precision Door Service
4365 Dorchester Rd
Ste 207
North Charleston, SC29405
Phone number (843) 628-4583
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The update is that the company obviously cared about the lukewarm review (see below). The Manager made an appointment for a personal appointment to re-assess the situation. The Manager was a real nice guy, super professional, gave me a reasonable quote to FIX the doors in the short term, rather than install everything new.

I was and continue to be super happy with the job he did. HOWEVER, during this process I was promised a $65 refund on the first service call (which they said had to be applied to the work performed), if I would change the review as a result. Not only did I not get the $65 refund even after calling multiple times, I did not even get a credit on the service as would have happened on the original call had the quote been reasonable and the work done at that time.

SO – overall, my doors go up and down, and for that I am happy. Still feel that they screw up the customer service. If my $65 they promised me helps their company stay afloat, they can just keep it!

Previous Review

Nice enough guy. Price to fix doors and drives = Price of new doors and drives… disappointing. Please be aware that fine print on the coupon (which I failed to click on and read, and the appointment lady failed to disclose) is $65 off service fee once you have billable charges. Translation, no free estimate. $65 for the 10 minutes for them to look and give an opinion. I guess that is how they afford the nice wraps on their trucks B-). Oh well, I just moved in and could not afford the $2700 right now, but I will be able to in the future. $65 assured that I will call another vendor. Nothing personal, just a decision

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