Precision Overhead Garage Door Service, Fixed the doors, and finally got my refund check!

Precision Overhead Garage Door Service

Company Info:

Precision Door Service
4365 Dorchester Rd
Ste 207
North Charleston, SC29405
Phone number (843) 628-4583
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New Update

Recently I was updating some reviews I have out there on the Internet for various Companies that I have written. Shortly after that, I received a call from a nice lady at Precision Door named Cara who apologized for me not getting my refund check, and proceeded to verify my address and told me she was walking to the mailbox to put it in the mail. A few days later, a refund check for my $65. A day later I received a followup from Cara to make sure I had received my check. The check deposited fine and I am now much happier.

In conclusion, I would say this about Precision Door: I think that in general, they are doing good work for people, but I still think they prefer recommending new equipment to new customers. I am guessing that new equipment is easier to maintain and warrant, and I am sure that the profit margin on brand new doors and equipment is probably much higher than repairing older equipment as well. I also think that the fine print on their coupons should be more upfront so as to avoid confusion. If you are not doing a free quote, then at least make sure the customer knows what they are getting and what they are paying for. They fixed my older doors and eventually got me my $65.00 back. So, after a while, they eventually followed through with what they said, which makes me a happy customer. I think they really do care about their reputation, and I feel that they actively manage that reputation. Thanks to Cara for getting me my refund, and thanks for the manager for fixing my doors. I do appreciate it the help.

Previous Update

The update is that the company obviously cared about the lukewarm review (see below). The Manager made an appointment for a personal appointment to re-assess the situation. The Manager was a real nice guy, super professional, gave me a reasonable quote to FIX the doors in the short term, rather than install everything new.

I was and continue to be super happy with the job he did. HOWEVER, during this process I was promised a $65 refund on the first service call (which they said had to be applied to the work performed), if I would change the review as a result. Not only did I not get the $65 refund even after calling multiple times, I did not even get a credit on the service as would have happened on the original call had the quote been reasonable and the work done at that time.

SO – overall, my doors go up and down, and for that I am happy. Still feel that they screw up the customer service. If my $65 they promised me helps their company stay afloat, they can just keep it!

Previous Review

Nice enough guy. Price to fix doors and drives = Price of new doors and drives… disappointing. Please be aware that fine print on the coupon (which I failed to click on and read, and the appointment lady failed to disclose) is $65 off service fee once you have billable charges. Translation, no free estimate. $65 for the 10 minutes for them to look and give an opinion. I guess that is how they afford the nice wraps on their trucks B-). Oh well, I just moved in and could not afford the $2700 right now, but I will be able to in the future. $65 assured that I will call another vendor. Nothing personal, just a decision

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