Servant Plumbing: Lukewarm experience, followup from owner leaves me impressed

Servant Plumbing

So the owner of this company tracked me down using the internet and then a voice mail that said, “…if this is the Scott Blalock that had a bad experience with Servant Plumbing… please call me….”. Long story short, the guy was very nice, although outspoken. He told me that the tech in my story had had several issues and was let go as a result. Then he said I was charged too much and wanted to send me $100 back. I told him I appreciated that and I would update my review. The interesting part is he really did not care if I updated the review, he just wanted to do what he thought was right. I think it was unfortunate that he had to take the $100 out of his pocket because of a bad employee, but I guess that is part of owning a company and standing by your service. I will say that it is very much appreciated and I think it speaks highly of him. Thanks to him for that. I think this owner is trying to do things the right way. I am changing my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars.
I called this company rather than the big boys because of Christian marketing even though I was quoted a higher price than the other on the phone. Dealing with good local companies is important to us. While I am not disparaging this company, as I am sure they are generally ok, my personal experience was less than I had hoped, and will probably just go with the big boys next time. (Note: I am currently remodeling my home and have a bit of plumbing work to do. Had this plugged toilet experience went well, I probably would have given them more work) The Tech did un-plug my toilet for the quoted $225 (no break was given I took the toilet off and put back on,) however I was happy at that point. Then I asked him to sweat on the angle valve I had purchase replacing a leaking one. The Tech quoted me $225 to sweat on the valve stating that it cost $225 for him to break his kit out and that he makes $140,000.00 a year because people can not sweat joints. He did say that I could return the valve for a valve with a compression connection and do it myself. Then he told me that if he did it, he would teach me to sweat a connection, and then I would know-how. Given I am remodeling and have more plumbing work to do I thought, $225 to learn a valuable skill, sure let’s do it. Moments later the tech came in announcing he had to go to the store for flux as he was out. Now, this is where confusion in the story happened. He then said, “I’ll just pick up that valve for you and take care of that for you.” To which I understood that while he was at the store he would just buy the compression valve and put it on for me. He came back, put the compression valve on, (no class on sweating joints), and charged me the full $450.00. To this day, I am still wondering how he got me to pay $225.00 to put a compression joint on that I could have done in 5 minutes as well, and he did not follow thru with the sweating class. Oh well, he can keep my $225.00 taking his yearly this year to $140,225.00. Next time, a national company.

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