Southern Shores Real Estate Group, Charleston SC: Could Rodney be more of an ass?

While I admit that given their size, that Southern Shores Real Estate Group in Charleston SC appears to be quite successful, and therefore I assume that they are taking care of many clients, I found Rodney to be quite unprofessional, abrasive, and condescending. I am so glad that we did not sign any contract with this man. I choose to take my business elsewhere. PS. I notice that most of the 4-star reviews for this company are from good ole’ “A Google User” Hmmm….

By the way, we found a much better rental which we stayed in for two years until we moved into our own home which we paid cash for. I make note of this as Rodney treated us like bums off the street unable to afford his rental. I will not reveal our salaries or assets but we did purchase a $250,000 home with cash and we spend quite liberally while saving money for retirement as well. I am sure we could afford his rental. We are quite happy we did not do business with Southern Shores Real Estate Group or Rodney.

Author: siteadmin